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The Commonwealth’s Employer Vaccination Program

More than 255 million COVID vaccines have been delivered in the United States. Getting vaccinated will protect yourself and your loved ones. Getting vaccinated will save lives and protect your employee community.

The Commonwealth is pleased to offer Massachusetts employers options to easily vaccinate their employees during this next phase of vaccinations. There are 2 main options.

After considering the options below, please use this form,, to submit a request for Employer Vaccination Services.

Option 1: Group appointments at mass vaccinations locations

This is the quickest and easiest option.

  • Employers can request a block of appointments at any of the Commonwealth’s mass vaccination sites.
  • Employers can help register employees for their appointments or can provide a link to employees to sign up during the block of appointments.
  • Registration requires simple demographic information – insurance and identification is not required at the time of registration or appointment, if not available.
  • Employers can set up a table or kiosk onsite to have an onsite presence for employees, which can be coordinated with the site operator after submitting a request.

Appointments will be scheduled starting Monday, May 17.

Mass vaccination sites are listed below:

These sites are easy, fast, and convenient. Most vaccination appointments take less than 30 minutes, including the 15-minute observation period. Employers can request a block of appointments for their employees to be vaccinated on a specific day or time.

A minimum of 10 appointments are required to reserve a block, but there is no maximum limit. Employers or employees will be responsible for transportation to and from the vaccination site.

Sites are available 7 days a week, hours vary by site and day. Extensive accessibility accommodations are available and additional special accommodations may be made available upon request (e.g., interpreters). This option will be available through the end of June.

Option 2: Mobile on-site employer vaccination clinic

Employers who have confirmed that 35 or more employees will obtain a vaccination at the pop-up clinic may request a mobile, on-site, vaccination clinic. A vaccination provider will come on site to the employer host-property to vaccinate individuals and return 3-4 weeks later to deliver 2nd doses. Employers must survey employees and confirm participation prior to requesting a clinic.

In order to schedule an on-site clinic, employers will need to provide:

  • Address of employer and contact person
  • Number of employees who have confirmed that they will receive the vaccination
  • Space for vaccination clinic (inside, outside) and any additional details
  • Type of appointment registration (i.e., ahead of clinic, day-of), prior registration preferred
  • Requested date and time

Employer clinics will be scheduled and prioritized based upon number of individuals getting vaccinated and location of the clinic. Employers located in communities with vaccination rates below the state average will be or COVID rates higher than the state average prioritized.

On-site clinics will begin as soon as Monday, May 17