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Individuals ages 75 and over are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Massachusetts.

Appointments, while significantly limited at this time, can be scheduled online by visiting
Residents enter their zip code or select a location from the map on the website and follow prompts to schedule an appointment online.

Individuals 75 and older who are unable to use or have difficulty accessing the internet to schedule an appointment online may use the Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line:

Call 2-1-1 (877-211-6277)
follow prompts for assistance booking an appointment Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

The Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line is available in English and Spanish and will have translators available to support residents in approximately 100 additional languages. Individuals ages 75 and older will be able to speak to a representative live on the phone to assist them with an appointment through the state’s online system. These representatives have the same access to appointments as on the public website; it will not give individuals access to additional appointments. If no appointments are available, callers will have the option to be placed on a call back list for the mass vaccination sites. The caller will receive a call back when an appointment becomes available for them at a mass vaccination site, and the list will be called on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line is currently only for individuals ages 75 and older who cannot use or have difficulty accessing the internet and therefore are unable to schedule an appointment through the online platforms. The Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line is only able to support individuals with scheduling an appointment and representatives are not able to answer general questions about COVID-19 or provide individual health care advice.

Due to extremely high demand for appointments and limited vaccine supply, appointments are getting booked quickly. New appointments will continually be added to the website regularly and the mass vaccination sites have the most availability for appointments. As of now, mass vaccination sites post appointments weekly, and some smaller sites post more regularly. If you are unable to secure an appointment, please continue to check the website.

Appointments can be booked at different provider types (i.e., mass vaccination sites, pharmacies, local vaccination sites) and are located in several communities statewide.

Steps to book an appointment:

  1. Visit and enter zip code or click on the map
  2. Select a location and schedule an appointment online
  3. Have your important information with you, such as your insurance card
  4. Fill out the self-attestation form, which will need to be presented at your appointment

Information for community organizations and individuals ages 75 and older can be found at


Vaccinations for people ages 75 or older began on February 1st and will continue throughout the remainder of the winter and into the spring and summer.

It may take several weeks to get an appointment at a location near you. As more vaccine supply arrives in the Massachusetts, additional appointments will become available.


Vaccines are provided free of charge. When the appointment is scheduled, the vaccination site will provide specific details on any information you may need to bring to the appointment. Please bring your insurance card to your appointment if you have one. No one will be denied the vaccine due to lack of insurance. You will not need to provide a Social Security card or government issued identification to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. You will never be asked for a credit card number to make an appointment.