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Reopening Our Schools

Our goal for the fall is to reopen Barnstable Public Schools by prioritizing the health and safety of our students and staff. Our reopening plans are informed by guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and advice from our public health experts and medical community.

Additionally, DESE has developed a checklist for families to consider when working to prevent the spread of COVID-19:
• Be aware of the symptoms of COVID-19, and check children every day for them.
• Keep children home if they are sick or have had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19.
• Have a back-up plan ready in case your child wakes up with symptoms and needs to stay home.
• Remind your child to wear a mask in school and on the bus.
• Arrange for transportation other than the bus whenever possible.
• Districts have plans in place for when a student receives a positive COVID-19 test or is a close contact of
someone who tests positive. Communicate with teachers and school leaders if your child’s health changes, if they come in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or if you have concerns.