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Incidence Rate in the Town of Barnstable

The average daily incidence rate, calculated from case reports received during the past fourteen days, increased in the Town of Barnstable to an average of 10.4 new cases per day (see right side of graph below).   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designates Barnstable County as being at a “medium” community risk level.

Local, County, State, and Nationwide Cumulative Case and Cumulative Death Counts

A cumulative total of 10,542 Town of Barnstable residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19 to date.  In Barnstable County, there have been a total of 40,731 confirmed cases cumulatively.  The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported there have been a total of 1,772,542 positive cases in the State of Massachusetts cumulatively to date in the State.  In the United States overall, according to the John Hopkins University, there have been 88,381,768 positive COVID-19 cases cumulatively resulting in 1,020,261 deaths nationwide as of this date (July 8th).

Hospitalizations in Barnstable County

Cape Cod Healthcare reported that on July 6th  there were a total of twenty-seven (27) patients who were being treated for COVID-19 at Cape Cod and Falmouth hospitals.  None of these patients were in intensive care.

Hospitalizations in Massachusetts 

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, on July 6th there were a total of 526 patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in Massachusetts.  Of those 526 patients, 383 patients (64%) were reported to be fully vaccinated when they contracted COVID-19.  

Deaths of Massachusetts Residents During the Past Week

There were eighteen (18) new, confirmed deaths of Massachusetts residents during the past week.  The average age of death was 83 years old.  

Booster Status/  Percentage of Barnstable County Residents

Sixty-two (62%) of Barnstable County residents received booster doses after being fully vaccinated, compared to 58% of the Massachusetts population and  compared to 48% of the national population..

Medium Risk Level Classification and Recommendations 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classifies Barnstable County as being at a medium community risk level.  The following prevention steps are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas McKean, RS, CHO,
Director of Public Health