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Summary of key points:

  • In-home vaccinations are now available to individuals who are not able to leave their home to get to a vaccination site, even with assistance.
  • These homebound individuals either:
    • Require ambulance or two-person assistance to leave the home, or
    • Are not able to leave the home for medical appointments under normal circumstances, or
    • Have considerable difficulty and/or require significant support to leave the home for medical appointments
  • Refer homebound individuals to the State Homebound Vaccination Central Intake Line (1-833-983-0485) to be screened for appropriateness for an in-home vaccine.
  • Please note, many local Boards of Health are managing their own homebound vaccination programs for their community. The Central Intake Line will help connect any homebound individual from across the Commonwealth with the right resource.
  • If in-home vaccination is appropriate, individuals will be registered with the State Homebound Vaccine Provider, Commonwealth Care Alliance, or referred to their local Board of Health based on where they live.