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On February 1, 2021, vaccination administration began for residents 75+. These residents have been getting shots for the last 10 days and during that time we have learned that some people might be hesitant to go to a mass vaccination location without a relative or a caregiver. This policy goes into effect on February 11, 2021. It is not applicable for appointments that have already been booked.

To support more 75+ residents getting to a mass vax site, we are announcing a new policy to allow one caregiver to join a 75+ resident and also schedule their own appointment for a vaccine at the same time. Any caregiver is eligible to receive the vaccine at the same time as the 75+ resident, provided they have an appointment.

While this policy change applies specifically to the mass vaccination locations, Local Boards of Health (LBOH)-run clinics may choose to also allow for this. Information about eligibility will need to be changed by the LBOH in their clinic descriptions and information should be shared with your Council on Aging (COAs) and others for consistent messaging.

Caregivers will be required to self-attest that they are accompanying a 75+ resident who could not otherwise get to or navigate the online vaccination site when they fill out the attestation form (including the attestation form in PrepMod).

Appointments for 75+ residents and their caregivers should be scheduled for the same day, as close together as possible.

If both the caregiver and 75+ resident are unable to use or have difficultly accessing the internet, they may call 2-1-1 for assistance booking both appointments.

Caregiver Attestation for Mass Vaccination Sites:

Effective Thursday, February 11th, at mass vaccination sites, an individual who is accompanying a person age 75 or older to get the vaccine may schedule their own appointment to be vaccinated on the same day. 

A caregiver must schedule their own appointment online for the same day and location as the 75 or older resident. Only one caregiver may accompany a 75 or older resident.

Mass vaccination locations will make every effort to take both individuals together to minimize wait time, even if the appointment times are not identical.

Directions to Schedule Two Appointments (for a 75+ resident & a caregiver):

Individuals can go to and schedule two separate appointments at either the same time or adjacent.

For the companion appointment, select the option ‘I am accompanying someone who is age 75+ to their vaccination appointment and my appointment is the same day.

If individuals are unable to use or have difficultly accessing the internet, they may call 2-1-1 for assistance booking both appointments.

Only one caregiver is permitted to schedule an appointment with the 75+ resident. A caregiver may receive their first dose of the vaccine if the 75+ resident is receiving their second dose.

Please click HERE for additional information about the caregiver / companion eligibility (Massachusetts Caregiver / Companion COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility.