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A message from C.O.MM Fire Chief Mike Winn

COVID-19 is real and emerging threat to all of us and our beloved communities.  My advice to pass on to all of you is follow the guidance from the Governor and stay home.

The uncertainties and concerns with COVID-19 challenge COMM Fire already and have caused internal reviews of just about everything we do.

For your information and so you may share with your folks, the following changes have been implemented at COMM Fire:

  • Our facilities are closed to all visitors.  We will meet visitors in the parking lot if necessary but out of an abundance of caution, we have made the decision to close our facilities to all visitors.
  • Personal protective equipment.  Our personnel are wearing full personal protective equipment on every call; again out on an abundance of caution.
  • Staffing.  Many of our roles and functions have changed.  We have obviously closed the Administration and Prudential sides of our organization and the administrative staff is working from home.  Deputy Eldridge, Lieutenant Davern, Kathleen Thut and I are working throughout the week.  Our Fire Prevention Officers have been reassigned to assist in Dispatch and possibly on the floor as Firefighter/EMT’s.
  • Highest Quality Service-All of the things I have mentioned above have been implemented so that we can continue to provide the highest quality service to our residents and villages.
  • How can you help?-First would be to adhere to all recommendations made by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Town of Barnstable; it matters.  Practice social distancing and vigorously wash your hands, these two items alone make a huge difference!!
  • What do we need?  We need you to know that we are doing our best!!  PPE donations are accepted and N95 masks are the item we are shortest on.

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