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March 26, 2020

COVID-19 Voluntary Self-Quarantine

During this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Town of Barnstable Board of Health is asking persons traveling from COVID-19 “hot-spot” areas (including from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) into the Town of Barnstable, to voluntarily self-quarantine for fourteen (14) days upon arrival.

This request does not apply to:

  • Persons who are traveling to provide and carry out COVID-19 essential services;
  • Persons who are traveling to care for elderly persons, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, or other vulnerable persons; and
  • Persons who are traveling to and from educational institutions for purposes of receiving materials for distance learning, for receiving meals, and other related services.

This voluntary self-quarantine, out of an abundance of caution, recognizes that New York City is the current epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, with more than 15,000 confirmed cases in New York City alone. Self-isolation for 14 days will help curb the spread of the disease in the Town of Barnstable and Barnstable County and lessen the stress on our critical infrastructure, including First Responders, hospitals and healthcare providers. 

Non-residents in the Town are encouraged to consider returning to their full-time residences.  We strongly urge new arrivals to take special steps to distance themselves when buying groceries or undertaking other essential activities in our community: practice social distancing, avoid group gatherings, monitor your health, and contact your healthcare provider should you feel ill.

John Norman, Chairman
Donald Guadagnoli, M.D.
Paul Canniff, D.M.D.